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Dollywood, which started out as a dream for country music legend Dolly Parton, has evolved into Tennessee's most visited theme park, drawing more than 2 million visitors annually. Parton opened Dollywood in 1986 to showcase the rich heritage of the Smoky Mountain area where she was born and raised before heading to Nashville and superstardom. Take the whole family for a day of fun at Dollywood and enjoy lively music, spectacular shows, thrilling amusement park rides such as the Thunderhead Wooden Roller Coaster and the Tennessee Tornado triple spiral-looping coaster, as well as acres of attractions and the work of talented craftspeople. Kids will love the 60-animal carousel, Dolly's Demolition Derby bumper cars, the Dollywood Express authentic steam engine, Rockin' Roadway, Tennessee Twister tilt-a-whirl ride and Wonder Wheel, a 60-foot-tall Ferris wheel. Dollywood won the 2010 Applause Award for Best Amusement Park in the World from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

Dollywood Attractions

Co-owned by Parton and the Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation, Dollywood is organized into 10 themed areas: Showstreet, Rivertown Junction, Craftsmen's Valley, The Village, The Country Fair, Timber Canyon, Jukebox Junction, Dreamland Forest, Adventures in Imagination and Wilderness Pass. The theme park also serves as the home of the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Other not-to-be-missed attractions include Daredevil Falls, Smoky Mountain River Rampage and the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary. Special annual events at Dollywood include the Dollywood Festival of the Nations in April, KidsFest in the summer, Harvest Celebration in September and Smoky Mountain Christmas starting in November. Dollywood's Showcase of Stars features summer concerts from some of country music's hottest superstars. Dollywood’s nearby Splash Country Water Adventure Park features amazing waterslides, interactive children’s water play areas, a lazy river ride, huge wave pool and more.

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Dollywood Attraction List

Adventure Mountain - Wilderness Pass
Amazing Flying Elephants
- Country Fair
Beaver Creek - Timber Canyon
Beaver Creek Boat Float - Timber Canyon
Blazing Fury - Craftsman's Valley
Busy Bees - Country Fair
Calico Falls Schoolhouse - Craftsman's Valley
Chasing Rainbows Museum - Adventures in Imagination
Daredevil Falls - Craftsman's Valley
Demolition Derby - Country Fair
Dizzy Disk - Country Fair
Dolly's Home-on-Wheels - Adventures in Imagination
Dollywood Express - The Village
Dreamland Forest Tiny Tots Playground Area - Dreamland Forest
Dreamland Forest Treehouse - Dreamland Forest
Eagle Mountain Sanctuary - Craftsman's Valley
Lemon Twist - Country Fair
Lil' Loggers' Landing - Timber Canyon
Lucky Ducky - Country Fair
Lumberjack Lifts - Timber Canyon
Mountain Slidewinder - Dreamland Forest
Mystery Mine - Timber Canyon
Piggy Parade - Country Fair
River Battle - Timber Canyon
Robert F. Thomas Chapel - Craftsman's Valley
Rockin' Roadway - Jukebox Junction
Scrambler - Country Fair
Shooting Star - Country Fair
Sky Rider - Country Fair
Smoky Mountain Home - Rivertown Junction
Smoky Mountain River Rampage - Rivertown Junction
Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame - Showstreet
Tennessee Tornado - Craftsman's Valley
The Thunderhead Wooden Roller Coaster - Timber Canyon
Thunder Road - Adventures in Imagination
VeggieTales Sideshow Spin - Country Fair
Village Carousel - The Village
Waltzing Swinger - Country Fair
Wonder Wheel - Country Fair

Dollywood Shows

Country Crossroads - Valley Theatre
Dreamland Drive-In - Pines Theatre
Gem Tones - Jukebox Junction
Heartsong - Heartson Theatre
The Kinfolks Show - Backporch Theatre
Kingdom Heirs - Showstreet Palace
Professor Seymore Tricks Magic Show - Train Depot
Smoky Mountain String Band - Showstreet
Wings of America Birds of Prey - Craftsman's Valley

Dollywood Restaurants

'50s Hotdogs - Jukebox Junction
Apple Jack's Sandwich Shop - Rivertown Junction
Aunt Granny's Restaurant - Rivertown Junction
Backstage Restaurant - Showstreet
Berries 'n Cream - Craftsman's Valley
Coca-Cola Truck - Timber Canyon
Crossroads Funnel Cakes - Rivertown Junction
Frosted Nuts - Rivertown Junction
Fury Canteen - Craftsman's Valley
Grandstand Cafe- Country Fair
Granny Ogle's Ham N' Beans - Craftsman's Valley
Hickory House BBQ - Craftsman's Valley
Hickory House Campfire Cookout - Craftsman's Valley
Kettle Korn - Rivertown Junction
Lucky Seven Mine - The Village
LumberCamp Restaurant - Timber Canyon
Market Square - Rivertown Junction
Maters & Taters - Showstreet
Mini Melts - Throughout Park
Midway Concessions - Country Fair
Miss Lillian's BBQ - Craftsman's Valley
Miss Lillian's Chicken House - Craftsman's Valley
Miss Stella's - Rivertown Junction
PaPaw's Flat Bread - The Village
Philly Steak - Rivertown Junction
Pork Rinds - Craftsman's Valley
Ranger's Cookhouse - Dreamland Forest
Red's Diner - Jukebox Junction
Sausage Works - Rivertown Junction
Shaved Ice - Throughout Park
Splinter's - Wilderness Pass
Spotlight Bakery - Showstreet
Sugar Mountain Funnel Cakes - Craftsman's Valley
Sweet Shoppe - Showstreet
Victoria's Pizza - The Village
Village Ice Creamery - The Village
The Whistlestop Grill - The Village
Wrong Way Joe's - Timber Canyon

Dollywood Shopping

A Touch of Ireland - Craftsman's Valley
Ashley's Photorium - The Village
Bat Cart - Rivertown Junction
Be Attitudes - Rivertown Junction
Blacksmith & Foundry - Craftsman's Valley
Cas Walker's General Store - Jukebox Junction
Company Store - Timber Canyon
Custom Glassworks - Craftsman's Valley
David Tallent's Magic Shop - The Village
Dolly's Closet - Adventures in Imagination
Dollywood Emporium - Showstreet
Eagles Nest - Craftsman's Valley
Gazebo Gifts - Showstreet
Grist Mill - Craftsman's Valley
Handmade Wagons - Craftsman's Valley
Hillside General Store - Craftsman's Valley
Huff's Gallery - Craftsman's Valley
Just Me! Music - Country Fair
Liberty - Showstreet
Lye Soap - Craftsman's Valley
The Mine Shaft - Timber Canyon
Mountain Slate Works - Craftsman's Valley
Old Flames Candle Shop - Craftsman's Valley
The Old Mill's Pigeon River Pottery - Rivertown Junction
The Ole Woodcutter - Rivertown Junction
Outfitters Trading - Craftsman's Valley
P. Graham Dunn Gallery - Rivertown Junction
Pinny Barter's Pin Post - Showstreet
Portrait Artist - Craftsman's Valley
Professor Seymour Tricks Magic Shop - The Village
Rainbow Glass Blowing Factory - Rivertown Junction
Ranger Supplies - Wilderness Pass
Rivertown Dugout - Rivertown Junction
Smoky Creek Leather - Craftsman's Valley
Smoky Mountain Funnel Cakes - Craftsman's Valley
Smoky Mountain Slate Works - Rivertown Junction
Sweet Shoppe - Showstreet
Sweetgum Branch Bookstore - Craftsman's Valley
Temple's Warehouse & Dry Goods - The Village
Tree Trunk Treasures - Dreamland Forest
Uncle Bill's Valley Music Shop - Craftsman's Valley
Valley Carriage Works - Craftsman's Valley
Virginia's Heart & Home - Rivertown Junction
White Water Nature - Rivertown Junction
Woodcarving - Craftsman's Valley

Dollywood Annual Events

Festival of Nations - March 23 - April 22, 2013
Barbecue & Bluegrass - May 25 - June 9, 2013
Great American Summer - June 22 - August 4, 2013
National Southern Gospel & Harvest Celebration - October 2 - November 2, 2013
Smoky Mountain Christmas - November 9, 2013- January 4, 2014

Dollywood Timeline

1961 - Rebel Railroad opens with a steam train, general store, blacksmith shopd and saloon.
1966 - Rebel Railroad is renamed Goldrush Junction.
1976 - Goldrush Junction is renamed Goldrush.
1977 - Goldrush is renamed Silver Dollar City Tennessee.
1986 - Dolly Parton becomes co-owner of Silver Dollar City Tennessee, which becomes Dollywood. New attractions and restaurants include Smoky Mountain River Rampage, Back Porch Theatre, Aunt Granny's Dixie Fixins' Restaurant and Tennessee Mountain Home (a replica of the Parton family cabin).
1987 - Daydream Ridge area opens at Dollywood, featuring the Mountain Slidewinder.
1988 - The 1,739-seat Celebrity Theatre opens adjacent to the entrance of Dollywood.
1989 - Thunder Express, a steel mine train coaster, opens at Dollywood.
1990 - The 600-seat Gaslight Theatre opens at Dollywood, which also acquires a 1920 antique Dentzel carousel.
1991 - Dollywood adds the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary and Wings of America Theatre.
1992 - The Showstreet area opens at Dollywood, featuring the Showstreet Palace theater.
1993 - Dollywood's Fun Country area becomes The Country Fair with new rides and attractions.
1994 - The Gaslight Theatre is turned into the Heartsong Theatre.
1995 - Dollywood adds the Jukebox Junction area with a '50s theme and rides such as Rockin' Roadway.
1996 - The Dollywood Boulevard area is added with Thunder Road, Silver Screen Cafe and Centerstage gift shop.
1997 - The Flooded Mine ride closes and Silver Screen Cafe becomes DJ Platters.
1998 - Daredevil Falls replaces Flooded Mine and Thunder Express closes.
1999 - The Tennessee Tornado roller coaster replaces Thunder Express.
2000 - The Daydream Ridge is turned into Dreamland Forest, an interactive children's play area.
2001 - Festival of Nations premieres at Dollywood and Splash Country opens adjacent to the Dollywood parking lot.
2002 - Dollywood Boulevard becomes Adventures in Imagination.
2003 - KidsFest premieres at Dollywood and Imagination Station becomes Celebration Hall.
2004 - Thunderhead Gap area opens featuring the Thunderhead wooden roller coaster.
2005 - The Country Fair area adds 10 new rides, including Dizzy Disk, Amazing Flying Elephants and Lemon Twist.
2006 - Dollywood adds several new rides, including Timber Tower, Lumberjack Lifts and Beaver Creek.
2007 - Mystery Mine opens at Dollywood.
2008 - River Battle is constructed in the new "Wilderness Pass" area of Dollywood.
2009 - Two new shows debut at Dollywood: "Imagine" and "Sha-Kon-O-Hey!"
2010 - Adventure Mountain opens at Dollywood.
2011 - Dollywood opens Barnstormer.
2012 - Wild Eagle steel wing coaster opens at Dollywood.

Dollywood Video

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